Opka.io Online is an awesome massive player broweser game. You just need to Reflect balls and eliminate other players by doings so. its one of the most hard io game that challenge you that how long can you survive.? Lets start fun and prove that your the best one. tive with the spacebar.

Play Opka io Game Online

Opkaio Game is very addicting and very hard fun retro style multiplaye online game. You just need to choose a nick name to enter in this game. you can also choose colo and other special features for more fun. Start your game and try to don't let the balls pass through your walls. just reflect them with your paddle and make them loser. the last one standing earn the title of winners. Play Opkaio unblocked at private server and have fun. Look at the dots under the names to see how many lives you have left. Move your paddle with the mouse or AD / arrow keys. Use your ac
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